Finding love in one another

“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with one another.” -Thomas Merton


Does anyone else remember the excitement of Valentine’s Day in elementary school? When EVERYONE decorated a shoebox with hearts, glitter and as many stickers you could find?! Then after patiently waiting the entire day, you were allowed to place your box on your desk then share all the cards and treats that you brought to share. Watching all your classmates  run to their desk on a sugar high of heart shaped cookies, Capri sun & pixie stix and opening their boxes!! I sure do! I remember how amazing it felt not only receiving but also giving to EVERYONE!


THAT is how I want all of my days to be spent for the rest of forever! (probs minus the pixie stix) I want to share surprises and love with everyone in my life on Valentine’s Day and the other 364 days of the year.



Love is not found in gifts, fancy dinners, or in the prettiest of bouquets on Feb. 14th. Love is a person or people that care for you 365 days a year. Reminding you that you’re beautiful without a bit of makeup on, supporting and encouraging your hopes and dreams, having endless conversations on life and telling funny stories to one another over and over no matter how many times it has been told before and still laughing!



Back to the original quote I began with.. we find love with one another. Always know… If you are love, someone else will be your love. If you share love, you will inspire someone else to share love. We can all begin this month (known as the month of love) and carry this throughout the rest of the year!

For me, knowing that the moment my heart found its true love nothing else will ever compare. For that, I am more thankful for this year than I have ever been. 2019 has already started off strong and fast. If I can share the love that I have found in someone with every one of you, I will take that as the best Valentines gift of all time❤️




Shelby Lynn

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