Leaves Change, And So Do We

Before diving into this post, I want to reiterate how important this next line is… “It’s healthy and perfectly normal to want to make a change.” I constantly remind myself how  important change is, something as small as driving a different route to class to something as drastic as letting people go from your life.

With Fall in full force right now, I am in awe of the beauty of each leaf that hits the ground. From golden yellow to deep maroon red, each is different and unique in its own way. Before we know it, these beautiful trees that surround us, will be bare and look cold due to winter coming. I realize that the trees are not dying, they are letting go and allowing changes to happen. So that next season they will bloom sweet and pink, then full and green.


Sometimes we have to make decisions that we might not want to make, but we know the benefits in the long run will make it worth it. This is especially true in the Fall because of the constant chaos. With the start of the holidays among us, the beginning of basketball season (this is huge for my family because my little brother’s schedule just went from calm to basketball games every few days), shopping for Christmas, and eating everything we see, this chaos is just that. Complete chaos. Because of this, I have had to give up some things, not attend some events, and allow what is heavy on my heart to let go and make room for the joy that is soon to come.

Wake up and look outside. Take in the beauty that is around you, there is inspiration everywhere. Be inspired to make changes by how you view the world. By paying additional attention to how the Fall season hit Nashville this year, I realized a lot about change and about myself. I was inspired by how the world changes and I want to challenge you to see the positive in change for your life.


Like the seasons, change is a natural part of life. Let change motivate you, be open to it, don’t be afraid of closing doors because I can promise you, new and better ones will be opening. For me, every single time I tried closing a door that was toxic to me, something amazing would happen. But I never could fully get that door shut. The moment I finally closed, locked, and hid the key, my life completely changed for the better. Remember that. New doors mean making a change, that is a sign for something so much more.

“For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. Isaiah 41:13”


Shelby Lynn

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