Finals Week…

Okay y’all.. Its finals week. We all know how this goes. Assignments sneak up on us, tests somehow end up on the syllabus, we are all trying to calculate what we can get on our finals in order to pass with a B. I think it is safe to say we have a bad case of the summertime blues!


Here are 7 ways to beat this cycle and remain as stress free as possible heading into the final days of our semesters!

  1. Start waking up earlier- I have found that if I get up 20 minutes earlier than what I typically set my alarm for, I can get 3 extra things done. From printing off an assignment, to putting on makeup for the day, even time to actually cook breakfast or make a smoothie. My favorite is having the extra time for a morning walk with Shiloh! Not being rushed is key to losing stress in every day tasks.
  2. Keep an agenda/planner- When I have a written list of everything and everywhere I need to be in a day, it helps me stay on track. Plus I am a visual person so being able to physically cross off each item as I finish the day helps me to realize all that I have accomplished by the time I get in bed at night.
  3. Watch a TV show or movie- Having down time helps me to keep my sanity when I am on the verge of being stressed out. Just 30 minutes of down time after a day full of classes and a workout lets me clear my mind and rest up before starting my next list of tasks for the day.
  4. Write in a journal- I have recently started this, and so far I am really enjoying it! I am journaling to the book “Pretty Happy” by Kate Hudson. This just gives me something beyond my phone or social media to look forward to doing everyday. Plus it is helping me mentally, physically, spirituality, and emotionally to avoid stress.
  5. Cook yourself a healthy meal- We all know that I am no cook, but taking the time to make a healthy meal I love and be productive in this aspect helps me manage the stress that comes with deciding on what/where to eat everyday. If you’re like me, food decisions make or break a day.
  6. Take a bubble bath- I have never been a bath type person, but lately I have found something calming in laying in the bath, in a pitch black bathroom, with my favorite candle and playlist on. I have come to appreciate this alone time more in the recent months and a secret I have is I use Dr. Teal’s Pink Himalayan Foaming Bath to help rejuvenate my body and muscles from the stress I put on them in everyday activities.
  7. Exercise- I saved the best for last because whenever I have something on my mind or know that I do not have time for anything on my busiest days, going to the gym always seems to cure the problem. Something about knowing you are doing good for your body and taking the time out of a busy day to work on yourself makes me feel accomplished for the day.



These 7 things have always helped me control my stress, especially during finals time. We often lose focus of ourselves and focus completely on the negatives of everything last minute that comes at the end of each semester. Break the cycle! Do what you can to make yourself happy and healthy first, then the rest will be easy and even more productive.

Make yourself a priority.


Here I am wearing the Tribe Kelley Traveler Bra and the Bare Mesh Tank. I love this brand, especially because the line is designed for those who travel. All of their products are easy to pack, do not wrinkle, and can be paired with just about anything to create a boho look. This helps me when I travel because I often stress over the smallest of things, such as wrinkles or not being comfortable when traveling. But I am here to tell ya, this line is PERFECT for the inner wanderlust we all have in us.

Easy, breezy, stress free. What more could you ask for??

Good luck to everyone in their finals, what personal struggles you may be facing today, and everyone who needs a little reminder than you are known & loved!


Shelby Lynn

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