Sporty Suit Trends

From sporty lifestyles to the athletic girl, from the “sport look” to “athleisure,” from beach activities to water sports… Here are the 2018 trends encompassing everything in the athletic look of life.

So you definitely do not have to be fully sporty in order to rock this trend. I never expected myself to love these looks as much as I do! Mainly because I have had the mentality of “If I am wearing a bathing suit, I want it to be cute and girly.” Until I realized this look is completely covered with both of those ideas.

Okay, let’s talk the trends now!


Black mesh top is from Forever 21. Floral top and bottoms are Gianni Bini, this line is carried in Dillard’s.

Layering Trend- This is such a different and cool aspect to add to bathing suits you already own. Taking a mesh top and simply layering it over a bathing suit top helps for coverage as well as protection from the sun. This look allows the sporty look to follow through with a touch of girly because of the fitted style it brings.


Bathing suit top is from Billabong.

Long Sleeve Trend- With this trend, you will need to find a surfing brand you like. Such as Billabong! This style serves many purposes because it is like a wetsuit. So it can keep your shoulders from burning, it does not hold in heat, and it is conventional for sport activities. Plus you can show off your figure because of the fit and the crop. This bathing suit trend changes the game because it is sporty chic!

Bathing suit bottoms are from Billabong.

Boy Short Trend- I have always been hesitant on this look because I felt like it made my butt look bigger than it actually is (Girls, this is an annoying problem) BUT it made me love my curves more. This trend allows for zero wedgies and can be worn on the lake, at the beach, and in the ocean. I personally have loved the idea that when I am on vacation and go back up to my hotel to my room or to grab lunch, I have shorts on even though it is my bathing suit. Many resorts have policies on clothing and this is a good way to get around the rules.


Lucky for you, this look is half price at Billabong

Surf Salty Dayz Vest- This is a unique style because it covers more than a typical bathing suit would, it is perfect for playing beach volleyball or riding paddle boards. I love this look because it is totally different. You will not see many people rocking this look which makes you stand out. Own it! 


This bathing suit is from Aerie. Here is a suit in the halter style! The cover up is from Venus from last season, but here is a very similar look. 

Cropped Halter Tops- This look is perfect for every age. It is youthful but has the coverage that women are often looking for. With this style, you do not have to worry about anything accidentally showing and it can be worn in the ocean without the water pulling down the front. Girls, we all know this is an issue when trying to jump waves and cool off from the summer heat.

Want to hear some good news on this Monday…? Summer is officially 102 days away!! I hope these trends help you prepare for spring break and then summer, woohoo!! 


Shelby Lynn

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