Olive You, And This Bathing Suit Too

Have you ever noticed how the color olive makes EVERYONE look good? There is just something about it that makes everyone look tan. For my blondes, olive makes the tones in our hair really POP! This color naturally shows off sun-kissed tones and with summer approaching, this color is a must-have in your closet!

Olive is one of those trendy colors that will be popular in every season. In the fall, camo is a go to because of the natural warm tones as the leaves change. In the winter, it is the perfect green for the holidays. Not too bright and not too dark (looks good with red). In the spring, the flowers blooming compliments this color. And in the summer, it complements our sun kissed complexions.




I was surprised to find so many olive options for my swimsuit collection this year. My first olive green find of the season is this perfect one-piece by VIX Paula Hermanny. The front has the plunging neck line that is trending for this summer and hits at the perfect point. It is not too low that you have to be worried about anything popping out of your suit (because we all know how getting hit by a major wave can cause some issues)! Plus, it adds room to spice up your suit by adding a simple necklace or chain. This is one of my favorite things to add because it makes your “look” truly you. Bathing suits are outfits too, they need accessories!




The back has a sporty chic feel. Having a razor back bathing suit is great because it doesn’t leave chunky tan lines and is still dainty enough to bring back that feminine look. I like how this bathing suit compliments the front to the back. The plunging neck line in the front is flattering to the back which is a little more conservative. Everything evens out!


Oh. My. Gosh. You. Guys. LOOK AT THIS SUIT I MEAN COME ON! I died on the inside a little when I saw this in the store. I literally could not get it out of my hands. Again, the olive-green color is what caught my eye, then when I saw the bright colored details I knew this was going to be hard to ever part with. Not to mention the style, like seriously.


This type of top is called a “flounce.” I love how this added with the bandeau styled top looks because it is girly with a surprise from the sleeves. Can’t forget the back… The laced strings and tassels add color and a flare to this suit!


The bottoms are to die for because they are stitched with those pop colors and the sides tie with tassels. It is such a fun suit that has a personality of its own. I can’t wait to wear it all summer!

This sunny is from Becca Swim.


Shelby Lynn

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