Beach Better Have My Sunny

Does anyone else call their bathing suit a sunny? I have found myself calling my bathing suits this lately and I think I am subconsciously wishing and hoping for the sunny days ahead! I feel so much better when the season starts to change, with more sunshine, the sun on my skin and anticipating tan lines! All this said, planning for spring break has me all kinds of happy right now!

2017 taught me that the one-piece has made a comeback! And it’s back and better than ever. With this style becoming so popular over the last year, there are a few trends to be looking for in this season’s sunny!




Cut outs– whether that be on the sides, or throughout the suit, this trend is super fun because you can still show some skin while enjoying the perks of a one-piece. My favorite perks are that I don’t have to worry about my bum hanging out when playing volleyball on the beach or digging a hole to China. And let’s not forget the fact you can eat all the tacos and not worry about it showing!

Laced-up backs– business in the front and a party in the back! This trend is a very cute way to add a little something to your suit. I love how a simple lace tie up can add sass to any look.




Prints and bright colors– this. is. my. favorite. trend. It brings personality to each suit. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about a classic black bathing suit, but this trend gets me out of my comfort zone and into the summer fun feeling!




Plunging neck line– as much as I will hate myself for saying this… it’s sexy. We all know it. As women, we should be able to show off our beautiful bodies and have fun while doing it! This style allows for a feminine touch to a classic bathing suit.

Just hearing the word “sunny” instantly puts me in a warmer state of mind! I swear I was meant to live at the beach.. maybe one day! Until then, I will keep ordering sunnys online and planning lots and lots of beach trips! I will be publishing all of these sunnys to my Instagram and to my LikeToKnowIt for easy access and ordering.

As we head into February, I will be posting a lot of content about this upcoming spring break. Everything from this year’s stylish trends, to what to do, where to go, and how to prepare. Follow along and together we can make this the most fun and prepared spring break ever!


Shelby Lynn

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