Light As A Feather

New 2018 trend? I think yes. Available in many styles, sizes and colors, feather earrings ARE the new statement jewelry pieces! The light and flirty feel compliments any outfit  and makes them the perfect accessory!


Feather earrings are going to be one of my favorite staple pieces this summer because it adds a boho look to a simple white t-shirt or to a flower dress like the one I am wearing here!

This feather trend is no longer for costumes or high end couture outfits, it is everywhere from feather hair extensions, to jewelry, skirts and tops, not to mention prints used in homes. Feathers have gone mainstream and are adding a flare to the fashion scene.


Colorful, breezy, whimsical, fun and unique. The exact words I would use to describe feather earrings as a staple piece! Why wouldn’t you want them?? Ditch the studs, add feather earrings to your wardrobe this season.


Shelby Lynn


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