My Fav, Fave 4 Hair Products!

I am so excited to share Fave 4 hair products with you all! I started working with Fave 4 hair a few months ago. I was asked to be part of their photoshoot and a Fave 4 hair stylist used the products to style my super curly hair. Ever since then, I have been hooked.


Curls and Kisses is by far the product I use most! Since I typically wear my hair curly, this product helps keep my curls smooth and takes away all of the kinks, making it more wavy. Not to mention it helps tame the frizz! This product is a cream which helps keep your hair from feeling crispy like mousse often does.

When I use curls and kisses, I lightly towel dry my hair, then I emulsify the product in my hands and work it through my entire head, focusing more on the ends of my curls.

The Flex Reflect lightweight shine hairspray adds more shine and a lower hold, which enhances natural highlights. I love using this on my curly hair because it helps bring out my color and adds a little boost without making my hair feel super heavy and full of product.

After I get a blowout, I use this to help shine up my hair on day 3 or 4 because it can often start to dull out.


Dirty To Flirty dry shampoo saves my life on a daily basis. From blowouts, to my curly hair, the benefits from this product are endless. When I have a blowout, come day 3 this product is amazing. It helps give my hair its texture back and takes away the greasy look without leaving the white residue that baby powder and some dry shampoos often leave behind. When my hair is curly, it is a nice addition at the end of a long day before heading to dinner or class meetings. This product gives me volume and refreshes my hair!

Dearly Detangled conditioning mist is a product I use every. single. day. Mainly because my hair is so curly so running a brush through my hair often leads to frizz. When I mist the spray on my hair after a shower, I can easily run my fingers through my hair and resist the urge for it to tangle or frizz. It also has hydrating humidity resistance and helps mend split ends with repairing polymers!


Lastly, the Texture Takeover – oomph enhancing hairspray, this product is amazing for messy buns and pony’s because it allows for oomph of course! The texture takeover takes ‘dry shampoo’ to a whole new level by combining dry shampoo functionality with exclusive new hairspray polymer technology to create the best styling and finishing tool on the market.

If you are a Nashville girl like me, you know all about Jessie James Decker! This southern belle has her own Fave 4 Hair products such as Mermaid Kisses hair perfume, body wash and lotion, along with other scents and products that she helped to create.

Fave 4 Hair also has an amazing blog that is all about hair tricks and hacks that show you how to use their products and make your life easier! (Thank goodness because this saves my life)



I can’t wait to share more pictures from this hair shoot this spring! Keep a look out on their Instagram and my blog for future curly hair hacks straight from my bathroom.


Shelby Lynn



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