Wedding Shoots – All The Fun Without The Commitment

That moment. That dress. That sparkle; every woman imagines their wedding day to be the most special day of their life with the most beautiful gown they’ve ever worn. Modeling has always been a passion of mine, but I never saw myself having the opportunity to model wedding gowns and venues.  I always believed that when the day came, I would choose one wedding dress and one venue – little did I know I would have the opportunity to share the “wedding fun” more than once. By being a part of these creative opportunities, I have learned so much. I want to share with you the things I have learned that may help you plan the “perfect” day when your wedding journey begins:

  1. Location, location, location.
  2. Say yes to the dress.
  3. HAMU prep.
  4. Picture perfect memories.
  5. It takes a village.


Let me explain.. Location matters because you want your wedding to feel natural and you want to have enough space for your guests to move freely and enjoy themselves. By having an outdoor wedding, you are opening up a world of possibilities. The natural light, beautiful backdrops, and endless space creates the perfect wedding venue. I personally like the outdoor wedding idea more than an inside venue because you can have your wedding and reception in the same place. Nowadays, many churches do not allow receptions on the premises.



L&L Farms is located 30 miles north of Nashville. It is a beautiful farm venue with a barn, recently remodeled farmhouse for the bride, groom and the wedding party to get ready in. A bridge tunnel with a rolling creek backdrop and a train trestle from the 1800’s. There is also a bridge crossing over the creek and a second barn that is not used for the wedding, but is perfect backdrop for photos.








It was dreamy being able to do this styled wedding shoot for L&L Farms. The entire venue is picture perfect and I cannot wait for future brides to start planning their weddings here!

OH the dress!!! When getting fitted and trying on wedding dresses for these shoots, I often have a specific dress that i am drawn to. Always the body fitting, mermaid style. I have never been a ballgown or Cinderella dress type of girl. Although I have worn them, I still like the more natural and even a beachy style vibe. Fabulous Frocks in Franklin, TN always knows what to style me in! I tried on one long lace dress before this one, and the minute I put this on, game over, I fell in love. It fit perfectly and made me feel confident and beautiful on this “big” day.

If I have learned one thing from the selection of dresses for these photo shoots, it is NEVER say NO to a dress until you give it a try. Everything looks different on a hanger than it does on your body. Try on something completely different, you never know, it could be the one!

Now that the dress is chosen it’s time to focus on YOU! It is very important that you feel beautiful and confident on this day. Choose your hairstyle and make up to feel natural and definitely be yourself. The Blowout Co. was responsible for styling me for this shoot. Because of the strapless dress we felt that a long soft hairstyle would be fitting for me and it was perfect! My makeup was soft and subtle leaving me feeling like a princess.

Many people think The Blowout Co. is just a blowout bar, when actually their talented hairstylists do it all. They do straight styles, curls, up-dos, braids and more. To add to their services they also have makeup artists on staff. So including your hairstyles on the big day, they are prepared to do makeup on the entire wedding party!

*An added bonus for you! I am currently the college ambassador for The Blowout Co. Make an appointment and give them a try for your next event. Use my name “SHELBY” when booking for 20% off.

Next, choosing a photographer is another important choice to make while planning your wedding. You will want someone who can capture every moment and truly show off the entire day through photos. These are memories that will be passed down for generations! Shelby Cook Photography helped us do just that at L&L Farms. She has been one of my close friends and partners through my blogging journey, and without her I would not be where I am today. She has the most outgoing personality and truly makes every experience one of a kind. From her music selection (on this day it was Michael Jackson) to her funny comments that help get those laughs and memorable smiles, she can do it all.


With all of this preparation for the shoots the one thing I have realized that it definitely takes a village! So many people work so hard to pull off the styled shoots that I have a new admiration for all the hard work that brides have to plan their fairytale wedding. From beginning to end every little detail has to be brought to life. Surround yourself with people you trust, enjoy the process, and make your wedding unique to you!


One local Nashville company that helps make weddings and events unique is The Aero Bar.  It is Nashville’s first mobile bar. “Henry” is the aero bar that we were able to enjoy at L&L Farms! The Aero Bar is an airstream, and there will soon be an entire fleet that will provide the perfect charm to your next party.




You might recognize this company, as local blogger Mallory Ervin has worked with the owner Brian Fuente to help spread the word of their services. I am so excited for Brian and all his hard work as The Aero Bar is excited and willing to work with you to take your event take off in whatever direction you desire!



The flowers were designed by Denise at The Potting Shed. Denise helped create the perfect arrangement for the fall wedding shoot. Simplicity can add more to your wedding day! There are no right or wrong choices, look through bridal magazines and gardening books to find inspiration for what blooms match your style!

The Bakery Box created the perfect display for our casual wedding. The cake was simple with beautiful cranberry additions to bring in the fall colors. And the donuts, OH MY! If you know me, you know I cannot say no to one. The Bakery Box took Krispy Creme cake donuts and added the frosting to the top to take a regular donut and turn it into a designer donut. These little sweet treats are perfect for guests to take on the go as they mingle around the reception.


I hope these 5 tips can help you start on planning your special day! Each of these companies are local to the Nashville area and are amazing at what they do!


Shelby Lynn


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