Henley Nashville

Today, I had the opportunity to enjoy a brunch with some of my fellow Nash babes at Henley, in Midtown.

We sat on the patio because the weather was absolutely perfect! Sunny and 78 degrees on this beautiful Sunday. It was fun seeing the joggers, morning strollers, and brunch goers enjoying the weather and the scenic views from Midtown.


While waiting for our first round of plates, we all got the chance to get to know each other. Starting off with where we attend college, what our blogs are about, and some of the things we all doing in Nashville. Mine was of course eating and spending time with friends on beautiful days like this one!

Starting off with duck sausage gravy with a buttermilk chive biscuit. The name threw me off at first.. but once I took a bite I could not stop! We were also brought today’s oysters, while I am not a seafood lover, I enjoyed seeing everyone’s reactions to how good they were! (Still working up the courage to try one…) Not to mention the presentation was phenomenal. The last starter we tried was the heirloom grits with chicken friend mushrooms. I had no idea what this was at first, I honestly thought the mushrooms were pieces of chicken so I bit right into one. I absolutely loved it! I am so glad I tried it because I have always refused to eat mushrooms in the past. We also tried the BBQ beets with okra and these melted in my mouth!


Our main plate was from the communal section of the menu. We had whole fried chicken. As a southern girl, I dug right into this. The sauce with this was also to die for! An entire plate of fried chicken.. I mean come on.


For the dessert we tried the olive and sinclair chocolate with smoked cocoa nib. If I could describe fall in one bite, this would be it. It took everything in me not to eat the entire bowl for myself! Jessica and I both agreed we would be coming back to dine at Henley, but we would order an entire one of these for ourselves, including this sorbet.

Henley celebrates quality products made by American hands, and the atmosphere encompasses this idea. Outside on the patio it is bright and open. Then once you set foot inside the big glass doors, it is hushed and moody. I truly felt like I had just stepped inside of The Great Gatsby’s very own restaurant.

Everyone was so welcoming and truly made the experience amazing. I cannot wait to come back for more!

Henley will be running a promotion that is available for fans of all of the influencers that  were at brunch today! We will be using the hashtag #refreshyourself on our social media platforms, and each of YOU can say this line to your bartender or server to receive a delicious beverage on the house (with alcohol for those 21+, nonalcoholic for others)!!

Don’t forget to “refresh yourself” at Henley and enjoy!


My dress is from Express.


Shelby Lynn


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