Ascend Wood

Giving back is one of the reasons I love social media. It gives us a platform that allows us to share stories and the meaning behind organizations in a personal way. I teamed up with Ascend Wood a few months ago to help spread the word about their wooden bracelets and other fashion accessories.

Ascend Wood was founded to give back to ministries and those who help them. The bracelet is a daily reminder of what it does, it gives.

Up to 50% of each bracelet goes to the ministry that the wood is designated to.


Ascend Wood hopes to shine light and bright awareness to the needs of others and in the process they want to help lead you all to the people and partners that need it most.

Their partners are:

Action in Africa in Uganda, Africa.

Driven Foundation in Columbus, OH.

The Driven Foundation is an organization that hits close to home for me because a few of the men I graduated high school with, went on to work for them. I love being able to support friends who are doing big things in the world

Use my discount code “Shelby20” for 20% off your next order to Ascend Wood.


Shelby Lynn

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