What to Wear To Your Alma Mater

Going back to your high school football games can be stressful.. seeing everyone for the first time since graduation, talking with teachers who you thought you would never have to see again, and small talk with parents about how college is going. All of these things are understandable especially since everything changes after you walk across the stage at graduation.

One thing that can help with confidence is what you are wearing. I am a firm believer in feeling good has a lot to do with the outfit you have on. With fall soon approaching, it is still in-between weather for coats and boots.

One way to cheat this is to wear a cable knit sweater, this has breathable holes. I like this type of sweater for the weather we are having because it can be cozy or cool. My next advice are high-low jeans where the cuff around the bottom is cut shorter in the front than the back. These are perfect for heels or booties because it shows off the shoe, rather than covering up like most jeans do.

This allows for variation in your outfit and adds a different level of style to your everyday look. Fashion is not meant to be black and white, there are so many new combinations of jeans and sweaters that allow for something more than the oversize sweatshirt we used to wear to high school football games.

Be confident, and be you. High school is over, college has started. Change up your style, find what makes your style different from someone else. Wear what makes you happy!

Sweater: Cold Shoulder Tie Down Sweater in blush- G. Michelle’s Boutique $39.99

Size: Small (@gmichellesboutique)

Jeans: TJ Maxx


Shelby Lynn


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